Hawaiki reaches record performance with ICE6

Hawaiki reaches record performance with ICE6

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Hawaiki says it has achieved record-breaking performance on 15,000km of uncompensated subsea cable with the Infinera ICE6 solution.

Leveraging Infinera’s ICE6 800G coherent optical solution, Hawaiki has achieved real-time subsea spectral efficiency of more than 4.5 bits per second per hertz on an uncompensated cable connecting Australia and the United States.

This trial demonstrates the value of ICE6 in enabling subsea operators like Hawaiki to better serve their customers by increasing the capacity per fibre while reducing the cost per bit and power per bit of delivering high-speed services.

“As a carrier and vendor-neutral operator, we are consistently looking for the best technology to upgrade our network,” said Anaël Greiveldinger, Hawaiki’s director of engineering.

“This trial leveraging Infinera’s latest coherent optical solution proved that the Hawaiki cable system has been optimally designed and is capable of achieving record-breaking performance to deliver more capacity and open spectrum sharing capabilities, essential to meet our customers’ needs.”

Last year, Rob Shore, senior vice-president of marketing at Infinera told Capacity that the ICE6 solution has 30% better spectral efficiency than the next best solution on the market.

“Being able to transmit high speeds at long distances is so valuable because it enables network operators to carry the amount of bandwidth they need to while buying fewer engines,” he added.

Hawaiki also tested the integration of Infinera’s suite of software automation tools, including Intelligent Power Management (IPM) and Instant Bandwidth 2.0 which enables capabilities such as smart cable automation, embedded spectrum sharing and rapid service activation.

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