Lumen launches 400G services across Europe

Lumen launches 400G services across Europe

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Lumen has expanded its 400Gbps wavelength network across Europe, covering 50 markets.

The company’s network (see map) reaches from Sofia and Warsaw in the east to Leeds and Madrid in the west.

Lumen’s Annette Murphy (pictured) said: “In an era of digital acceleration, our next-generation wavelength network supports businesses’ rapidly increasing high-bandwidth needs. This enhanced capacity helps customers scale quickly and securely, to enable a digital journey that can take them well into the future.”

The company said it has deployed its intercity 400G wavelength network in Europe across 50 markets. “This gives customers unparalleled, diverse routing options in building a resilient core digital network.”

Today, Lumen has enabled more than half of its intercity network footprint in Europe to support 400G wavelength services, as well as 70 data centres and two transatlantic routes on subsea cable systems Grace Hopper, which lands in England, and Dunant, which lands in France.

Murphy, who is Lumen’s president for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific, said: “We are continually innovating our network infrastructure solutions to support our customers’ business growth.”

The company said it is seeing “significant demand for 400G wavelength services from enterprises, government agencies, hyperscalers and wholesale customers seeking high-bandwidth interconnections between their data centres and public cloud”.

The intercity expansion will continue throughout 2023 and beyond, extending this network and pushing it deeper into the metro edge. Lumen said it “will look at customer demand to determine where its wavelength network will expand next”.

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