Equinix to offer quantum computing service from Tokyo

Equinix to offer quantum computing service from Tokyo

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Equinix is to install a quantum computer in Tokyo and make it available to businesses worldwide.

The equipment to be installed by the data centre company comes from Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), which launched a quantum computing as a service (QCaaS) business two years ago.

Ilana Wisby (pictured), CEO of OQC, said: “Quantum computing represents a major shift in terms of technology and process. Unlike classical computers, quantum computers can crunch vast amounts of data at incredible speeds.”

Equinix will install the OQC equipment at its TY11 Tokyo International Business Exchange data centre, the companies said today.

Wisby said: “The world has been waiting for quantum computing to mature to the point that it can change our lives. Installing quantum computing in Equinix’s world-class TY11 data centre brings us a step closer to this reality.”

OQC said it plans to use Equinix’s on-demand interconnection solution, Equinix Fabric, to make QCaaS available to businesses and organisations around the world in late 2023.

This follows an announcement last September that OQC’s QCaaS will be available via Cyxtera’s Reading data centre campus LHR3.

Wisby said then that the partnership with Cyxtera marked the world’s first integration of a quantum computer in a colocation data centre.

Customers throughout Cyxtera’s UK data centres “will be able to access OQC’s quantum computer via the Cyxtera Digital Exchange, dramatically reducing latency times for quantum algorithms and use cases”, said OGC last year.

Now, at Equinix, Arun Dev, the data centre company’s global head of digital interconnection, said: “Welcoming OQC’s quantum computer to our global interconnection ecosystem on Platform Equinix underpins our commitment to supporting innovation. We are looking forward to working together to solve some of the key digital challenges organisations face today.”

Wisby said: “We are excited to work with Equinix to help businesses around the world to build their quantum skillset and capabilities. The future is here, and we are setting the pace for the era of quantum computing.”


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