Sipartech upgrades network infrastructure to 400G+

Sipartech upgrades network infrastructure to 400G+


Sipartech confirms the availability of 400G+ spectrum and wavelengths across its network, at the same time as deploying new long-haul routes in Europe.

Tests were successfully conducted earlier this year to ensure full interoperability between the equipment of all major vendors.

In addition, the company achieved energy savings and carbon footprint reductions all in line with Sipartech's sustainability goals.

“We are investing in the extension and diversification of our long-haul network as well as in its continuous and sustainable development, as part of our 2023-2025 strategic plan," said Julien Santina, founder and CEO of Sipartech.

"We are increasing our presence in Europe, offering state-of-the-art, efficient and tailor-made solutions for our customers in line with our sustainability goals. Meeting our customers' requirements for performance and energy efficiency is our focus and commitment."

The new 400G+ solutions come at time when the growing demands of operators, data centres and enterprises for high bandwidth continues to increase, particularly between internet hubs in Europe.

These services offer high speed data transport solutions with high levels of security, redundancy and capacity. Solutions can be deployed within four weeks and are available at 214 data centres in Europe.

Sipartech's long-haul network is features a three-way topology that interconnects its metropolitan dark fibre networks. Each route lands in a separate data centre, with the potential for further extensions to additional data centres.

The aforementioned 214 data centres that can be activated with 400G+ will grow to around 350 data centres across Europe, according to the Sipartech 2023-2025 roadmap.

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