edenseven launches a carbon accounting platform, cero.earth

edenseven launches a carbon accounting platform, cero.earth


edenseven, part of the Cambridge Management Consulting group of companies, has unveiled cero.earth, its carbon accounting platform.

edenseven has pooled decades of expertise in data-driven strategies to launch cero.earth, which provides insights and actions across your entire business and supply chain.

Cero.earth delivers relevant data, accurate insights and effective action points for users. The platform was created in-house by by edenseven’s analysts and data engineers based on the realisation that most off-the-shelf applications don't report across Scope 3, preventing organisations from taking those actions which affect 70-80% of total emissions.

"Although telecoms has not experienced the same level of scrutiny as other sectors, its direct and indirect environmental impacts are increasing rapidly, and are largely concentrated on data centres, PoPs and cell sites," said Alejandro Navarro, director of sustainable innovation & technology at edenseven,

“While efficiency gains made by data centres have resulted in flat global electricity consumption since 2015, at about 200 TWh/yr, new hyperscale data centres can still have major impacts on local power grids. This can pose a challenge to smaller countries or those amid major energy transitions, as adding large volumes of new electricity demand within a decade will raise significant barriers to sustainability targets."

“As digital demand grows across Latin America, it is imperative that energy intensive industries, including CSPs and data centres, make unanimous strides towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To face these immediate challenges, telecom providers will need a strategy and tools for assessing, managing, and reducing the impact of emissions associated with their entire business operations.”

cero.earth pulls from every part of a company, including business units, markets, areas, and technology use, which in the case of the telecoms industry includes fixed networks, wireless networks, FO systems, data centres; across multiple locations and geographies.

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