Athalos accelerates donor engagement with single global phone number

Athalos accelerates donor engagement with single global phone number

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Athalos has teamed with a wave of partners to provide a single global telephone number for building advocacy and donor engagement for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Pakistan.

The global numbers can be used to raise awareness on key issues surrounding gender empowerment and climate action but also to engage global donors and provide revenue streams for NGOs.

The partnership includes the likes of PTCL, Jazz and Ufone and aims to advance the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Athalos, the company leading the charge, allows organisations in Pakistan to share a single telephone number across the globe to raise funds in order to advance humanitarian work and sustainability.

A single global number allows the small and mid-size NGOs to raise funds around the world without limits and to maximise the reach of the campaign.

“Phone numbers remain critical to how we connect, communicate, and collaborate. We’re disrupting traditional models and using technology for good,” said Martijn van der Ven, founder and CEO at Athalos.

“Together with our telecom operator partners, we are enabling those advancing Humanitarian work and sustainability to innovate and maximise the impact they can have on society, the environment, and people. In a digital world that is borderless, we are removing the barriers to global communication and empowering people.

“Our aim is to help any impact focused organisation around the world with connectivity and services that are urgently needed. For example, the earthquake response in Turkey is a key priority today.”

The company has access to more than 11 billion global phone numbers. It allows enterprises, service providers, governments and NGOs to deploy a single number with a fixed rate that connects users worldwide.

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