Axiata Digital Labs partners AWS on digital services

Axiata Digital Labs partners AWS on digital services


Axiata Digital Labs (ADL) is to collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide its digital telco services to AWS customers.

The partnership will deliver a seamless and enhanced experience with ADL's Axonect product suite running on AWS.

Specifically, ADL will provide customers with its suite of systems and tools, such as its digital business support system (BSS), 5G and cloud optimised business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms, and multi-domain orchestrators on AWS. At the same time, by collaborating with AWS, ADL's customers will have access to AWS's global infrastructure and cloud capabilities.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with AWS and help our customers bring a digital telco experience like never before to consumers," said Thushera Kawdawatta, CEO of Axiata Digital Labs.

"This further solidifies our commitment to providing our customers with the best and most advanced technology solutions available on the market today. Our collaboration with AWS will enable us to leverage their expertise and technology to provide customers with the services they need to meet their changing needs and expectations."

Communication Service Providers will also be better supported as they transition from telco to techco, moving beyond traditional connectivity to platform-based products and services. As a result, telcos can reduce costs and resources, and provide customers with an enhanced digital experience and improved time to market for their end customers.

ADL's product suite passed the AWS Foundational Technical Review This certification, involving rigorous testing and evaluation, demonstrates that Axiata Digital Labs' innovative middleware platforms and products can seamlessly integrate with and be deployed on AWS, and conforms with AWS's cloud-native best practices and frameworks.

The collaboration builds on the fact that ADL is a member of the AWS Partner Network, as well as the AWS Select Tier and AWS Solution Provider programs.

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