Infinera unveils new portfolio optical solution

Infinera unveils new portfolio optical solution

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Infinera has released a new portfolio of coherent optical subsystems and coherent pluggable optical engines.

The new offerings are designed to help network operators cost-effectively manage the growth in bandwidth demand while streamlining operations and reducing carbon footprint.

The new solutions include a line of high-performance transmit-receive optical sub-assemblies (TROSAs), programmable digital signal processors (DSPs), and a line of high-performance, intelligent pluggable optical transceivers.

Infinera’s line of in-house-developed optical subsystems uses a building block approach where subsystems can be mixed and matched flexibly, providing more solution options for customers and simplifying integration into in-house and third-party optical engines.

“There is significant growth in demand for increased capacity and capabilities of coherent technology, both in the core and closer to the network edge, driving the need for new innovations in coherent solutions optimised for these types of traffic patterns and deployment scenarios,” said Tom Burns, general manager of optical modules & coherent solutions group at Infinera.

“Our portfolio of programmable TROSAs, coherent DSPs, and ICE-X pluggables provides network operators with connectivity solutions that are compact, efficient, programmable, and streamlined in operations without sacrificing network integrity, visibility, or reliability.”

The advanced coherent TROSAs use Infinera’s indium phosphide (InP) fab and are based on monolithically integrated photonic integrated circuits (PICs). It reduces loss between components, provides increased control over optical functions, and enables greater flexibility in component design. The resulting solution produces 0 dBm output power levels to support a greater number of network applications.

The intelligent programmable coherent DSPs provides a set of capabilities and flexibility to bring unique value to networking solutions. As part of Infinera’s advanced coherent subsystem offerings, the new line of high-performance DSPs includes the Wa’a 100, Wa’a 400, and Tahoe 800, supporting a range of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications.

Infinera’s line of ICE-X coherent pluggable solutions is designed to support a diverse set of network applications, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications in DCI, access, metro, and regional networks.

In addition, its ICE-X line of pluggables supports a unique level of intelligence, automation, and programmability to enable network operators to deploy coherent solutions more effectively in routers, switches, and servers without compromising on performance, visibility, or network resiliency.

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