BSG introduces AI-powered voice bot

BSG introduces AI-powered voice bot

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BSG, a communications platform provider, has unveiled Voice Bot, an AI-powered customer service solution.

This technology-enabled solution is designed to increase conversions and reduce operational costs while providing customers with a natural, accurate, and personalised experience.

It is powered by advanced AI algorithms that allow it to learn any language with natural-language understanding technology and analyse customer responses accurately. It also uses text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology to provide natural conversations between customers and the bot.

Voice Bot has been designed to help businesses automate routine tasks such as contact base relevance checks, abandoned cart recovery, personalised reminders, delivery timeliness, and quality checks, Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction Index assessment.

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The solution offers free setting on all stages and per-second pricing, as well as manager’s support during cooperation. Additionally, it integrates with other services such as SMS and Viber, as well as other tools for cleaning and segmenting contacts, personalisation, dashboards, and reports.

By using Voice Bot, due to become available by the end of March to the general public, businesses can save up to 30% on customer service costs, as well as free up their employees’ time for more complex activities.

BSG plans to further develop Voice Bot by integrating it with other services, answering additional questions, and configuring trigger events to send messages during or after conversations via SMS or Viber.

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