Identidad adds DIDs to portfolio in the Caribbean

Identidad adds DIDs to portfolio in the Caribbean

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Identidad Technologies has expanded its portfolio with new business lines and partnerships and entering into new markets.

Back in January 2022, Identidad Technologies signed a business alliance to exclusively manage 24 markets of the Caribbean. This alliance started with an outsourcing partnership for international long-distance services, followed by an agreement as an A2P exclusive gateway for the Caribbean and most recently as a decentralised identifiers (DIDs) ally for this same region.

As of 2023, the company completed a carrier onboarding of 20 countries in the Caribbean to provide DIDs services for one of the largest global Cloud Contact Centers as-a-Service offerings.

As a result, DIDs now joins VoiP, SMS, managed services and Yellow Push, an omnichannel platform, as part of Identidad Technologies' solutions portfolio. Later this year the company plans to launch a CPaaS platform for SMS marketing at the retail scale.

Throughout 2023, Identidad Technologies also plans to expand their client base with other OTTs and companies that need DID services in the Caribbean region, as well as offer other company’s their managed services in any of their portfolio lines globally.

These solutions sit alongside other Identidad tools and solutions which include fraud mitigation, real-live monitoring, and report enhancement.

The design and implementation of these proprietary tools allow the company to guarantee the quality of its VoiP, SMS, DIDs and Omnichannel Communications for its clients and their managed services partners top-of-the-line enhancements that can streamline operations and boost revenue.

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