Ericsson and Aeris Communications showcase IoT capabilities

Ericsson and Aeris Communications showcase IoT capabilities

Ericsson building sign

Ericsson and Aeris has showcased its combined IoT solutions at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC).

The capabilities of the combined IoT businesses will create a leader in the fragmented IoT market that brings scale, stability and reliability to launch.

Aeris’ secure Intelligent IoT Network and value-added services, targeting industry verticals such as transportation, utilities, automotive and healthcare.

“We have a long history of working together and a very successful joint venture with Aeris in Japan, and we enjoy the benefits of a global ecosystem as a key Ericsson IoT Accelerator partner,” says Daichi Nozaki, vice president and head of the global business division at SoftBank Corp. and President and CEO of SB Telecom America Corp.

“We are looking forward to the innovation Aeris and Ericsson will together bring to the IoT market and connected vehicle industry.”

At MWC, the combined team is showcasing new security capabilities that protect IoT programmes from cyber security threats and other vulnerabilities.

Already receiving positive feedback from customers, this is the one of the first innovations the combined team will be offering to tens of millions of IoT devices on the IoT Accelerator platform.

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