Ekinops wins €1.29m in funding for the 5Geneva project

Ekinops wins €1.29m in funding for the 5Geneva project

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Ekinops has received €1.29 million in funding from the French Prime Minister's Office to support the development of its 5Geneva project in collaboration with Orange.

5Geneva is funded by both the French government as part of its France 2030 ambition and the European Union through its Next Generation EU initiative within the France Relance plan.

Launched in 2021 and backed by €54 billion in funding, France 2030 is the plan to sustainably transform key sectors of the economy such as energy, industry, transport, agriculture, food, digital, through innovation.

Spanning 3 years, the 5Geneva project aims to achieve three key goals. The first is to develop platforms for experimenting 5G use cases at the network edge for business players and telecom operators.

The second is to engineer applications as containers or Virtual Machines and the third is to create open experiments for external companies to test the benefits of 5G.

"Thanks to this funding, we will accelerate implementation of large-scale innovation projects, with a focus on 5G and edge computing," said Vincent Munière, chief technical officer and VP of R&D at Ekinops.

"This project confirms our ambitions for the Edge industry as well as our active efforts to optimise digital network performance."

As part of the France Relance plan, Ekinops was previously granted €3.6 million in funding from the French government for the development of its new generation electronic equipment for optical networks project.

The 5Geneva project builds on this by combining Ekinops' experience in the development of on-site equipment with Orange's knowledge in 5G, virtualisation and integration.

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