Google Cloud unveils three new telco solutions during MWC

Google Cloud unveils three new telco solutions during MWC


Google Cloud has launched three new telecom products to help operators digitally transform their networks with hybrid-cloud and seize new revenue opportunities.

Unveiled during MWC 2023, the new telecom products, Telecom Network Automation, Telecom Data Fabric, and Telecom Subscriber Insights, will give communications service providers (CSPs) a unified cloud solution that helps them deploy hybrid cloud-native networks; collect and manage network data; and improve customer experiences using artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics.

“To succeed in a connected world, communication service providers are under enormous pressure to build and manage next-generation networks against rising capital and operational expenses,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

“By applying cloud-native principles to network architectures, and accelerating subscriber growth through a holistic data management source, CSPs have the opportunity to bridge the gap between connectivity of today and connectivity of the future.”

In addition, with an update to Google Distributed Cloud Edge, CSPs can bring Google Cloud’s infrastructure to the edge of its radio access networks, as well as their 5G core networks.

Companies will also be able to run their network functions in any Google Cloud region on Google Kubernetes Engine with the introduction of Network Function Optimiser for Google Kubernetes Engine.

Telecom Network Automation is now available in private preview globally and accelerates network and edge deployments using cloud-native automation tools based on Kubernetes and Nephio, an open-source project Google Cloud in partnership with The Linux Foundation.

Bell Canada has used an early release of Telecom Network Automation to automate its implementation of Google Distributed Cloud Edge.

“Bell Canada is committed to building the best networks that meet the demands of 5G and beyond,” said Petri Lyytikainen, VP of enterprise architecture & smart core, Bell Canada.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud advances our goal to fully automate our hybrid 5G core implementation with control functions over Google Kubernetes (GKE) and Google Distributed Cloud Edge.”

At the same time, Telecom Data Fabric is alsi available in private preview globally which helps CSPs glean insights from their data.

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