Ivanti and Deutsche Telekom bolster partnership to secure endpoints

Ivanti and Deutsche Telekom bolster partnership to secure endpoints


Ivanti and Deutsche Telekom have formed an expanded partnership based on their joint commitment to secure endpoints against cybersecurity threats.

Through this collaboration, Deutsche Telekom’s mobile enterprise management solutions now include Ivanti Neurons for discovery, Ivanti Neurons for risk-based vulnerability management and Ivanti Neurons for patch management.

These enhancements will enable Deutsche Telekom's business customers to secure a more diverse set of endpoints, along with the ability to prioritise and better manage their risks.

“With threats becoming increasingly dangerous, it is vital that our customers have the ability to identify and protect their mobile devices, tablets, and laptops,” said Peter Arbitter, senior vice president portfolio and product marketing – enterprise customers Germany, Deutsche Telekom.

“This expanded partnership with Ivanti allows Deutsche Telekom customers to better safeguard themselves against cybercrime by instantaneously and continuously discovering assets and securing endpoints through patching based on real-time vulnerabilities.”

Ivanti Neurons for discovery automatically discovers and maps the linkages between key assets with the services and applications that depend on those assets, delivering rapid actionable information.

Ivanti Neurons for risk-based vulnerability management enables users to prioritise the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to better protect against ransomware and other cyber threats.

The cloud-native Ivanti Neurons for patch management can identify enterprise exposures and active threats, provide early warnings of vulnerability weaponisation, predict attacks, and prioritise remediation activities.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Deutsche Telekom and build on the great relationship we have enjoyed for more than 10 years,” said Günter Mayer, Vice president of carrier international at Ivanti.

“The Ivanti Neurons combination is a great ‘package’ where all three parts add up to something bigger with three complimentary solutions. The value the customer realises when utilising Ivanti Neurons is immense and we are excited to bring this to the Deutsche Telekom customer base.”

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