EdgeQ and Vodafone unveil maMIMO Open RAN solution

EdgeQ and Vodafone unveil maMIMO Open RAN solution

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EdgeQ has partnered with Vodafone and Dell Technologies to launch an ORAN-based, massive MIMO solution.

Unveiled during the 2023, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the solution enables a new version of maMIMO 5G networks that uses in line acceleration technologies to deliver high user capacity, high network bandwidth at lower power for new ORAN-based deployments.

“Vodafone is committed to driving 5G ORAN deployments at scale. Our showcase with EdgeQ and Dell Technologies validates how open innovation can drive better performance and cost efficiencies," said Paco Martin, head of OpenRAN product team, network architecture at Vodafone.

"Technologies such as EdgeQ’s high capacity in-line L1 acceleration should enable Vodafone to scale our macro cell infrastructure to new levels of performance and efficiency without compromise.”

The companies demonstrated the live system at the event comprised of a Dell PowerEdge XR11 server and an EdgeQ M-Series L1 accelerator enabling throughput of 5Gbps, with the accelerator drawing less than 50W.

The collaboration also demonstrates the principles of a 5G ORAN infrastructure solution on a standard server, an inline acceleration, a Radio Unit system, and third party L2/L3 software stack.

EdgeQ’s multi-node 4G/5G base station-on-a-chip solution combines connectivity, compute, and networking in a software-defined platform. It also features a production-grade L1 stack that is open and customisable.

“EdgeQ was founded on the belief of reconstituting the network in simple and intuitive terms," said Vinay Ravuri, CEO and founder at EdgeQ.

"Together with Vodafone and Dell Technologies, we have shown the first instantiation of a new market paradigm that scales openly and flexibly, without the cost burden and power penalties of traditional platform approaches.”

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