Verizon Business and KPMG team on healthcare solutions

Verizon Business and KPMG team on healthcare solutions


Verizon Business and KPMG will deliver 5G solutions to help transform the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

KPMG has deployed Verizon’s Private 5G wireless network into its ignition centre inside KPMG Lakehouse to further that collaboration.

KPMG is creating a healthcare lab experience where clients can interact and experiment with the latest healthcare technology.

“5G has the power to transform industries and will become the backbone for communications for the future,” said Fiona Grandi, lead partner, Verizon, KPMG LLP.

“Our collaboration with Verizon and implementation of Verizon 5G in our Ignition Centre at Lakehouse will help accelerate the ability for our clients, and ourselves, to adopt new and emerging technologies enabling the transformation of operations while also improving customer experience.”

The alliance between the two is focused on developing a suite of solutions and use cases to enable seamless, reliable and secure communications across the healthcare industry and to help transform operations.

The solutions will support the future of healthcare by creating interconnected hospital operations that support diagnosis activities and simplify patient interactions.

The Healthcare Lab at KPMG Lakehouse is located in Lake Nona and has been designed to enable next-generation digital healthcare for clients.

It leverages the latest emerging tech including Verizon 5G and will create an immersive experience for clients.

Innovations include AR/VR for surgery planning, the enablement of sustainable buildings and using technology to bridge the health equity gap.

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