i3forum welcomes XConnect's Eli Katz to its board

i3forum welcomes XConnect's Eli Katz to its board

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XConnect confirms that its CEO and founder, Eli Katz has joined the board of the i3forum.

As a member of the board, Katz will help develop the i3forum’s plans across new initiatives that include the enablement of global voice and messaging players to deliver trusted traffic, creating enhanced revenue streams and reducing fraud.

“It is a critical time for both the voice and messaging ecosystems with the essential role of validated identity to reduce spam and spoofing and enhance trust. Overcoming the biggest and most urgent challenges requires the industry to come together to enable carriers to operate with greater efficiency and agility,” said Eli Katz, founder and CEO of XConnect.

“By joining the i3forum’s Board and working with some of the smartest people in the industry, I feel I can help contribute towards key global initiatives including trusted callerID, verification and the fight against fraud – both in international voice and application-to-person messaging. I am passionate about promoting self-regulation encouraging the development of a flourishing and innovative approach to shape the future of the telecoms industry as we focus on building trust in communications.”

Eli’s election to the board follows XConnect’s recent membership to the group. In his new position, Katz will leverage his 25 years’ of industry experience to enable global voice and messaging ecosystems to validate and authenticate their traffic.

In addition, Katz is the co-founder and chairman of Comms Council UK, the UK’s industry association for Advanced Communication Providers. As the author of a number of global telecom identity and fraud patents, he will also bring a global technology perspective to his new role.

“We are very pleased to welcome Eli to our i3forum Board. To combat the next set of challenges and opportunities in global telecoms, one key objective is exploring and developing solutions, standards and strategies to build trust in phone number identity and this is an area where Eli can provide additional insight,” said Philippe Millet, founder and chairman at i3forum.

“With his extensive experience in global telecoms, identity and validation as well as collaborative industry engagement, Eli’s expertise will be invaluable in influencing industry evolution and drive the vision for the voice and messaging industry.”

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