center3 & stc Bahrain to land the 2Africa Pearls in Bahrain

center3 & stc Bahrain to land the 2Africa Pearls in Bahrain

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center3 and stc Bahrain have completed the marine survey for 2Africa Pearls in Bahrain.

The 2Africa Pearls subsea cable is connects 33 countries through 46 landing locations, spanning across three continents, and positions the Middle East at the centre of operations.

“Connecting 2Africa Pearls with Bahrain marks another significant accomplishment for center3. The project progress is critical to center3 in linking Asia, Africa, and Europe," said Fahad A. Alhajeri, CEO of center3.

"center3 is dedicated to investing in communication infrastructure with the aim of offering exceptional connectivity to its customers and contributing to the realisation of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision. The 2Africa subsea cable is a vital step towards achieving this objective and solidifying center3's position as a leading player in the region's connectivity landscape.”

Once completed, 2Africa Pearls will become the world's longest subsea cable, spanning over 45,000km in length, providing connectivity and internet services across the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, and India.

The subsea cable is built using innovative design that mitigates a number of geological complications faced in the region.

“This is a landmark achievement for us and affirms stc Bahrain’s commitment to spearheading digital transformation and solidifies the region’s position as a regional ICT hub," added Eng Nezar Banabeela, CEO of stc Bahrain.

"Investments in this advanced network infrastructure will drive economic growth for businesses, serve industries that rely on the internet and enhance the living standards in the region. 2Africa Pearls will vastly increase the data backbone of Bahrain by 100x providing high-speed connectivity services that will accommodate the futuristic heavy data-demand.”

The landing of 2Africa Pearls in Bahrain underpins the technological progress of the GCC nations. Leveraging the system's fast connectivity speeds its has the potential to transform the regional and international communications sector as well as drive economic growth, encourage innovation and collaboration across the region.

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