Backers support quantums in the sky with diamonds with $18m

Backers support quantums in the sky with diamonds with $18m

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An Australian start-up has raised US$18 million to develop miniaturised quantum computers that it believes are capable of solving complex problems.

Much of the money comes from Breakthrough Victoria, a state agency which last year invested a similar sum in US company ColdQuanta.

This time the money goes to Quantum Brilliance, whose CEO and co-founder, Andrew Horsley (pictured), said: “Our technology is following the successful path of classical computers, where integrated semiconductor chips allowed the jump from large fragile mainframes to laptops and smartphones. Our small form factor, room temperature, low power devices are forging the same path.”

Quantum Brilliance said its quantum computers use synthetic diamonds to operate at room temperature in any environment, from data centres to mobile devices to autonomous vehicles to spacecraft.

Quantum Brilliance, which already has an office in Stuttgart, said it plans to use the funding to expand international operations, deliver hardware and software products to customers, and improve manufacturing and fabrication techniques.

It will also aim to enhance the performance of its room-temperature quantum computers and further develop software and application offerings.

Quantum Brilliance said its devices do not require cryogenics, vacuum systems and precision laser arrays, meaning the company’s technology consumes significantly less power and can be deployed onsite or at the edge.

“We are actively investing in quantum technologies to establish Australia, and the state of Victoria, as a global player in this rapidly evolving sector,” said Grant Dooley, CEO of Breakthrough Victoria.

“Quantum Brilliance’s vision of mass producible, room temperature, small form factor quantum computers aligns closely with our mandate to fund ideas and technology in Victoria that will help solve globally significant problems, and we see them as a true innovator in the quantum computing industry.”

Ben Carroll, minister for industry and innovation in the state government of Victoria, announced the funding. As well as Breakthrough Victoria, other backers are Main Sequence, Investible, Ultratech Capital Partners, MA Growth Ventures, Jelix Ventures, Rampersand and CM Equity Partners.

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