Akamai bolsters cloud portfolio with new two new offerings

Akamai bolsters cloud portfolio with new two new offerings


Akamai Technologies has unveiled Akamai Connected Cloud, a distributed edge and cloud platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery.

At the same time, the company also announced new strategic cloud computing services for developers to build, run, and secure highly performant workloads.

"We're taking a fundamentally different approach to cloud computing — building on 25 years of experience scaling and securing the internet for the biggest companies in the world. Akamai is building the cloud the next decade needs," said Tom Leighton, co-founder and CEO of Akamai.

"Akamai's leadership position at the edge enables us to scale everything we touch: We scale content, putting digital experiences closer to users than anyone. We scale cybersecurity, keeping threats farther away from business and people. Our customers know us and trust us for this scale. Now we plan to scale cloud computing, to provide customers with better performance at a lower cost."

The cloud-based offerings will deliver, three new enterprise-scale core cloud computing sites across the US and Europe. The new sites will plug into the Akamai backbone, will contain all of the cloud computing services acquired from Linode and is due to be live by the end of Q2 2023.

In addition to launching the new core sites, Akamai has identified more than 50 cities in which it plans to begin rolling out distributed sites this year.

It will feature aggressive new cloud egress pricing, which leverages Akamai's network to drive down the cost of cloud egress by bringing CDN-like economics to cloud data transfer.

It will be ISO, SOC 2, and HIPAA standards compliant and will feature the Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program, which aims to provide Akamai customers with solution-based services that are interoperable with Akamai Connected Cloud.

Akamai Connected Cloud is under the leadership of Adam Karon, chief operating officer and general manager of Akamai's cloud technology group.

"Cloud is a stepping stone to solving larger business challenges. Business leaders are looking to continue the momentum of digital transformation and stretch the boundaries of what's possible for their organizations in an increasingly digital world," said Karon.

"Our distributed scale is designed to deliver highly performant cloud computing everywhere our customers' business connects online, empowering them with the speed, flexibility, performance, and connectivity they need to grow without compromise, innovate without friction, and delight customers without fail."

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