MTN deploys EXFO solution across Africa

MTN deploys EXFO solution across Africa

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MTN Group has deployed EXFO’s Context dynamic topology solution in 14 African countries as part of MTN’s digital transformation initiative, targeting improved network inventory, security and performance functions.

MTN Uganda and South Africa, both early adopters of the solution, have reported that it has simplified network management and improved the visibility of telecom assets.

MTN is the largest mobile network operator in Africa, offering its services to over 270 million customers in 19 markets.

The operator says digital transformation of its network is a top priority and rolling out the EXFO solution will accelerate innovation and support the adoption of new technologies.

“MTN Group is committed to our digital transformation journey to improve the flexibility and variety of services we’re able to efficiently deliver to our customers,” said Amith Maharaj, MTN Group CTO.

“That can only be possible by equipping our networks and teams with the best possible solutions. EXFO Context has proven to be an impactful contributor to better manage our networks by tracking our active network assets and ensuring that defined change management processes are adhered to.”

The solution allows MTN’s operators to gain visibility of their end-to-end networks across all vendors and technology layers, providing a single, accurate and up-to-date view.

This, the operator adds, is particularly important at a time when delivering reliable service performance is made more difficult by the increasing complexity of the network and related service assurance processes.

The introduction of new technologies such as 5G, network virtualisation and programmable networking contributes to greater complexity, but the EXFO solution mitigates that.

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