NEC, Telkom Indonesia decide its time for 5G

NEC, Telkom Indonesia decide its time for 5G

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NEC and ADVA will deploy time synchronisation solutions for Telkom Indonesia as the operator looks to deliver time-sensitive 5G services across the country.

Telkom Indonesia is enhancing the timing accuracy of its transport network in order to meet the anticipated demand of mobile operators and partners using its services in the country.

NEC and ADVA will deliver solutions that will support the “precision time protocol telecom profile for phase/time synchronisation with full timing support from the network, recommended by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for the adoption of 5G networks

“Working in close partnership with NEC, we’re helping ensure that Telkom Indonesia can make the leap to highly reliable and accurate 5G timing,” said Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz at ADVA.

“Our PTP grandmaster clock technology will provide vital backup to GNSS-based synchronisation, delivering stable and precise timing from the core to an increasing number of edge locations.”

“NEC’s team shares our drive to exceed expectations and empower customers to succeed. Together, we’re bringing the levels of reliability and stability that Telkom Indonesia’s 5G network needs for the high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency services of tomorrow.”

NEC has partnered with Telkom Indonesia for over 30 years, supplying carrier-grade services with end-to-end project management ranging from consultancy, design and implementation to operational support across numerous islands.

Hideyuki Ogata, GM for the service provider solutions department at NEC Corporation said: “Capitalising on our global alliance partnership with ADVA and its industry-leading technology, we are confident this project will lead to another step in developing replicable industry best practices and bringing to life inspiring new customer experiences with 5G networks.”

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