Google Cloud unveils Deutsche Börse partnership

Google Cloud unveils Deutsche Börse partnership

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Google Cloud has signed a 10-year strategic partnership with Deutsche Börse to enhance European’s multinational cloud adoption.

The partnership will enhance, economise and concentrate Deutsche Börse’s cloud adoption.

Specifically, though, Deutsche Börse will leverage Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure and data and analytics capabilities to accelerate the development of its digital securities platform D7, innovate its digital asset market operations and enhance its data distribution and data use cases in the cloud.

“Innovation and technological advancements are at the core of Deutsche Börse Group’s DNA,” said Theodor Weimer, CEO at Deutsche Börse.

“To trailblaze changing market environments, and not only meet but also anticipate customer demand, it is key to couple our financial services expertise with the technological prowess of a true market heavyweight.

“Our deep market infrastructure understanding, coupled with Google Cloud's technology expertise and scale, will drive tangible success for our business and broader financial markets.”

The D7 platform is underpinned by Google Cloud’s scalable and secure infrastructure and will have an intelligent data analytics layer powered by Google cloud’s BigQuery and Analytics Hub.

Deutsche Börse Group will also jointly invest in strong regulatory controls and built-in security features to meet regulatory requirements, as applicable.

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