Ericsson boosts radio connectivity portfolio with new solutions

Ericsson boosts radio connectivity portfolio with new solutions

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Ericsson has expanded its indoor mobile connectivity portfolio with three new easy-to-deploy and cost-efficient solutions.

The three new solutions, part of the Ericsson Radio Dot System portfolio, are designed to deliver 5G coverage, capacity and capabilities across the interior of any work or business environment.

Ericsson's additions to its indoor 5G portfolio, comprised of two new hardware products and a software solution, aim to meet customers' simplicity and monetisation requirements

"The new Radio Dot System equipment and location services software further increase the flexibility of Ericsson's indoor portfolio," said David Hammarwall, head of product area networks, Ericsson.

"Scalable and cost-efficient, the expanded portfolio offers a one-stop-shop to accelerate indoor 5G rollouts globally, spreading the benefits of premium indoor connectivity. It will also enable a variety of use cases for service providers and enterprises that will boost operational efficiency, safety, and user experience."

The first is the IRU 8850 indoor radio unit for medium-to-large venue coverage, delivering up to four times the capacity of its predecessors. It is also up to 70% more energy-efficient compared to active distributed antenna system (DAS) technology.

The second indoor 5G solution is the Ericsson Indoor Fusion Unit, aimed at small-to medium-sized building coverage. It is a compact, all-in-one indoor 5G solution that combines radio and baseband functionalities into one unit.

"The indoor 5G market is taking off and T-Mobile is ensuring our business customers are reaping the benefits," said Mark McDiarmid, senior vice president of radio network engineering and development at T-Mobile US.

"New solutions like the Ericsson Indoor Fusion Unit will enable us to quickly scale and deliver 5G to our customers with high-performing networks indoors, enabling incredible new use cases and opportunities."

The third and final is a new software feature for indoor networks called Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning, which provides location services for uses cases that communications service providers and enterprises can use.

This includes asset tracking and tool positioning, across factories, mines, hospitals, warehouses, industrial private network applications, as well as in emergency response scenarios.

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