i3forum welcomes XConnect

i3forum welcomes XConnect

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XConnect has joined i3forum, a not-for-profit industry body that aims to reduce voice and messaging fraud for the global telecoms industry.

“Collaboration, on a global basis, is more important than ever as fraud, robocalls, spoofing and spam calls and messages continue to impact an increasing number of consumers and businesses across the world. This reduces trust in digital communications. National initiatives and regulator activities are important; however, a global view and solutions are essential for the industry. The i3forum is the premier global entity that can help make this a reality.” said Eli Katz, founder and CEO of XConnect.

“As a member of the i3forum, and together with the substantial experiences of our USA parent company, Somos, we will continue to work towards a global vision of restoring trust by not only reducing fraud, but to offer the enhanced identity solutions that will significantly benefit e-commerce and digital engagement.”

As a new member, i3forum will collaborate with more than 20 international carriers and share its experience to enable voice and messaging players to deliver on global initiatives.

Specifically, it will be able to work with the leaders in the telecoms industry to explore and help develop solutions, standards and strategies to build trust in phone number identity e.g., Caller Line Identity or Sender ID.

“The addition of XConnect to our membership provides key insights on a global basis to fight against voice and A2P fraud and CLI spoofing. With every new member, we’re driving greater collaboration across the industry and solving some of the biggest challenges facing the carrier community,” said Philippe Millet, founder and chairman at i3forum.

“We look forward to XConnect’s contributions as we move closer towards our goal of enabling carrier success in an ever-complex global market and pro-actively addressing the concerns of the industry and regulators.”

Existing i3forum members including BT, BICS, Tata Communications, Vodafone, Orange, Colt, Telefonica, BTS, Sparkle, Twilio, iBasis, Hot Telecom, Telstra, and PCCW Global, and RAG.

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