iColo unveils MPM1 data centre in Mozambique

iColo unveils MPM1 data centre in Mozambique


iColo: a Digital Realty company confirms the opening of its first data centre in Maputo, Mozambique (MPM1).

The launch of this data centre on Africa’s southeast coast expands the company’s footprint and supports the growing connectivity needs along the eastern coast of Africa, driven by the growth of subsea cables.

Following its Mombasa and Nairobi campuses in Kenya, iColo is expanding into the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The 9500 sqm campus is located in Maputo on Avenida Lenine. MPM1 provides approximately 350 sqm of rentable space, equivalent to approximately 80 racks in the first phase of development with the ability to accommodate further upgrades.

“We are committed to enhancing internet connectivity in Mozambique by establishing this new facility, especially with the advent of new high-capacity cable systems landing along the coast of Mozambique. We are very excited about the growth potential of this market,” said Ranjith Cherickel, CEO at iColo.

At present, Mozambique is connected to two subsea cables with a third cable system, 2Africa, landing in Mozambique in February 2023. The cable, the largest subsea fibre-optic cable system to date, nearly circumnavigates Africa and connects to multiple interconnection points in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“This new data centre is a significant milestone in the development of the internet in Mozambique, bringing high-quality, reliable colocation solutions with a longstanding record of operational excellence," said Jose Almeida, general manager at iColo Mozambique.

"This highly connected campus will provide a bedrock for strong data growth in the country and on the entire African continent.”

iColo’s Maputo facility will be the local landing point for critical equipment for the 2Africa cable system.

The enhanced connectivity is expected to improve cloud and content accessibility, increase digitisation, improve the online experience for local businesses and consumers and support a more inclusive digital society through Digital Realty’s global data centre platform, PlatformDIGITAL.

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