Greenergy puts Juniper’s AI into 31MW Baltic data centre

Greenergy puts Juniper’s AI into 31MW Baltic data centre

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Estonian company Greenergy Data Centers has deployed cloud-ready and AI-driven technology at its 31.5MW data centre.

GDC, based at Hüüru, on the Baltic coast near Tallinn, said its aim was to be the largest and most energy-efficient data centre company in the region.

CIO Aivar Karu (pictured) said: “As the first data centre of its kind in the Baltics, GDC attracts more technology-driven businesses to the region while minimizing the environmental impact of digitalization.”

GDC said it has opted for Juniper technology to support its integrated building and power management system, “with thousands of telemetry sensors that facilitate the delivery of safe, reliable power”.

It is using “hundreds of motion-activated thermal cameras” to provide high levels of physical security.

Karu said: “We always look for vendor partners that also focus on sustainability, and we chose Juniper for that reason coupled with its highly reliable networking – a real win-win for us.”

GDC says its 14,500 sq m operation the first and only large-scale data centre in the Baltics, offering enterprises, government agencies and managed service providers a place to safely store their mission-critical data while minimizing their environmental footprint.

The company said that renewable energy sources and the Nordic climate reduce cooling-related power consumption. “Residual heat generated by equipment is used to warm GDC’s offices, and it also has the technical capacity to share excess heat with a district heating plant, which can then be used by local homes and offices.”

GDC said it “was determined to support its data centre operations with a network that aligns with its sustainability values and chose Juniper to enable its control, infrastructure and office network”.

Juniper Networks’ Michael Bushong, group VP for cloud-ready data centres, said: “With the ongoing proliferation of digital transformation across all private and public sectors of industry, the need for more intelligent, secure networks continues to increase. At the same time, climate imperatives and the rising cost of energy make sustainable solutions very compelling. With Juniper solutions, GDC’s data centre network infrastructure is built and operated responsibly to minimize power and space consumption.”

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