SoftBank ISPs turn to NTT for wholesale 10G fibre services

SoftBank ISPs turn to NTT for wholesale 10G fibre services

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Two SoftBank companies have launched a 10Gbps broadband service for enterprise customers in a wholesale deal with rival operator NTT.

The two are calling the service OCX Hikari Internet, and they point out that it is compatible with Flet’s Hikari Cross, offered by NTT West and NTT East.

The two SoftBank operations behind OCX Hikari Internet are BBIX, which is an internet service provider owned by SoftBank, and BBSakura, a network solutions provider that is a subsidiary of BBIX.

The service launched today, said SoftBank, headed by president and CEO Junichi Miyakawa (pictured), using a Hikari – that is, fibre – collaboration scheme provided by NTT East and NTT West.

According to SoftBank, 10Gbps is the maximum speed, but it warned that the “actual throughput varies greatly depending on the performance of computers, other devices, network equipment, other usage environments, and network congestion”.

BBIX is a virtual network enabler (VNE) for NTT East and NTT West. BBIX said it will continue its activities to expand its backbone to reserve enough margin capacity when the number of customers and Internet traffic increases.

OCX Hikari Internet provides IPv6 IP over Ethernet (IPoE) service as default and provides a service that allows customers to access the internet at any time of the day, without such congestion, said SoftBank.

The company pointed out that major video streaming sites and other content providers “are increasingly supporting IPv6 IPoE”.

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