Millicom (Tigo) to build fibre network at Bioceanic Corridor

Millicom (Tigo) to build fibre network at Bioceanic Corridor


Millicom (Tigo) is to build two new terrestrial routes across the Bolivia and Paraguay border, directly connecting these countries for the first time.

The new redundant 1,000km fibre routes with scalable capacities will create a direct connection from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

"This infrastructure investment demonstrates once again our vision to promote the digital transformation of companies so they can be better equipped for the world of tomorrow," said Mauricio Ramos, CEO of Millicom (Tigo).

"Latin America is growing and rapidly adopting technologies. We see this as an opportunity and a responsibility to build the digital highways that enable the future of our communities”

The project forms part of the development of the Bioceanic Corridor, a digital road project between Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Chile that spans more than 3,700km and connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean across South America.

“This new fibre network across the Bioceanic Corridor is a unique opportunity to connect South America to the world, boosting economic growth and improving access to high-quality telecommunications services," added Ramos.

"With this technology we are encouraging our customers and businesses in the region to take on new connectivity challenges and expand their regional presence with Millicom (Tigo) as a trusted partner."

Both routes join Millicom (Tigo)´s existing rings of fully owned networks in Bolivia and Paraguay and connect its point of presence (PoP) in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

This investment aligns with Millicom (Tigo)´s integration of terrestrial and subsea networks and completes its transport network system in the region.

“Corporate customer needs are shifting from traditional silos to cloud enabled IT networks demanding high performance, low latency, and high availability," added Santiago Londoño, vice president, B2B at Millicom (Tigo).

"Tigo Business becomes the most trusted ally for business in their digital journey through secure and reliable solutions leveraging our digital highways.”

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