DartPoints enters bare metal market with cloud-based solution

DartPoints enters bare metal market with cloud-based solution

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DartPoints has unveiled the latest offering in its line of cloud solutions: bare metal servers.

The new bare metal package offers dedicated servers that allow tenants to take full control of their IT infrastructure, delivering cloud-like agility with highly secure physical equipment. The service is best suited to organisations that require high levels of security, performance and customisation.

“We’re very excited to offer the type of business value that bare metal can bring to our clients,” said Brad Alexander, chief technology officer at DartPoints.

“We strive to solve whatever challenges may exist at the edge, and we see a need for certain workloads to gain the heightened application speed and control that single tenancy servers can offer. When workloads or applications require extreme security, lightning-fast performance, and predictable overhead, bare metal servers are your best option.”

DartPoints’ entry into the bare metal market comes in response to demand for data centre services at the edge with a fully personalised environment. The continued data growth and the rise of hyperconverged technology has some experts predicting that bare metal’s popularity will grow by over 20% in the next year, and more than 125% by 2027.

Using the new solution, bare metal users can build, test, deploy, and maintain their own workloads all on a unified platform.

Fine-tuning features like compute or storage configurations in response to organisational demands can be complex without a dedicated compute environment, a bare metal setup offers full control, greater processing power, and maximised performance.

“With our bare metal services, clients can rent server capacity in an ongoing operating expense (OpEx) pricing model. Instead of dealing with heavy capital expenditures, you can gain all the performance and control you need with a steady, predictable overhead to boot,” added Alexander.

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