DE-CIX records upsurge in traffic in 2022

DE-CIX records upsurge in traffic in 2022

Inside DE-CIX

DE-CIX traffic saw an increase of 25% in a year, with a total of more than 48 exabytes (EB) of data exchanged around the globe in 2022.

48EB is the storage capacity of slightly more than one smartphone for every man, woman and child living in the US.

“More and more data is being transmitted over the Internet, simply because modern, digital applications and services require more and more data from different sources,” said Dr. Christoph Dietzel, global head of products and research at DE-CIX.

“This trend will undoubtedly continue as consumer demands for digital applications continue to rise – not to mention with the Metaverse just around the corner.”

At the worldwide DE-CIX Internet Exchanges, December 14 was the day with the highest throughput through the year.

This was the evening of the FIFA World Cup semi-final in Qatar between France and Morocco where 132 terabytes of data flowed through the internet exchanges.

132 terabytes is the equivalent of over 1000 smartphones with 128GB storage capacity according to the operator.

“The global DE-CIX ecosystem is growing steadily. Not only are new locations being added, but traffic at our largest established IXs, such as in Frankfurt, Mumbai, New York, and Madrid, is growing irrepressibly,” Dietzel added.

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