Eutelsat passes 200,000-user mark in Africa broadband scheme

Eutelsat passes 200,000-user mark in Africa broadband scheme

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Eutelsat has passed the 200,000-user mark for its Konnect Wifi hotspots has been reached.

Eutesat had joined the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Partner2Connect Digital Coalition in June 2022 to foster the digital transformation in the “hardest-to-connect” communities.

The company has pledged to connect one million underserved people in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2027.

Eva Berneke, Eutelsat Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Konnect’s ambition is to boost social and economic development, providing easy, affordable, reliable and fast connectivity, anywhere.

“Eutelsat’s pledge to the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition demonstrates our dedication to increasing access to connectivity and reducing the digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Konnect is Eutelsat’s satellite broadband initiative, powered by the Eutelsat KONNECT satellite. It delivers broadband internet access to rural areas beyond the reach of terrestrial networks across the continent.

It offers speeds and bandwidths on par with those of fibre or 4G to businesses, schools and medical centres.

“This major 200,000-user milestone shows that we are effectively deploying the means to honour our pledge by 2027,” Berneke added.

“Above all, this commitment is an integral part of the corporate social responsibility missions Eutelsat undertakes globally”.

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