Digital Realty to expand data centre presence in Athens

Digital Realty to expand data centre presence in Athens


Lamda Hellix, a Digital Realty Company confirms plans to expand its presence in Athens, Greece, with the construction of two new data centres.

The first facility referred to ATH3, is already under construction and set to become operational by March 2023. Once completed, the site will become the largest data centre in the country, delivering up to 6.8MW of capacity across its 8,600 sqm floorplan.

"These new facilities will add needed capacity and further strengthen the connected data communities that have developed in our data centres," said Apostolos Kakkos, chairman and CEO of Lamda Hellix.

"Our continued investment in Greece will provide critical infrastructure for the country, which is necessary for the acceleration of cloud and content providers’ entrance into the market, and which further contributes to digital transformation and economic growth.”

The second facility, ATH4, is expected to deliver an additional 6.8MW of capacity once completed, which currently expected to be sometime in 2024. Both ATH3 and ATH4 will be connected to Lamda Hellix’s existing ATH1 and ATH2 facilities.

“Digital Realty is pleased to be expanding its presence in Greece, with ATH3 and ATH4 playing an important role in meeting the increasing demand for carrier-neutral data centre capacity in this market," added Bill Stein, CEO of Digital Realty.

"It’s an important part of Digital Realty’s integrated Mediterranean strategy, which will enable customers to build new network routes with lower latencies to Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.”

At the time of the announcement, Kakkos also confirmed Lamda Hellix's rebrand to Digital Realty, commenting: "we are extremely happy to now be able to rebrand to Digital Realty and focus on the common purpose that has solidified Digital Realty's presence worldwide …"

Further to this news, the company most recently confirmed that it is under contract to purchase additional land in Athens that is expected to support 15MW of additional data centre capacity in the country.

The land parcel is located in the adjacent property to ATH3 and ATH4 development in Koropi, a suburban town of Athens.

"Today, with this latest development, a personal strategic plan and long-time vision is being realized: firmly placing Greece on the digital map and increasing its competitiveness globally," explained Kakkos.

"I’m particularly proud of Digital Realty’s current position as one of the largest providers of data centre services in Southeast Europe, with three data centres in operation and others under development, adding value to Greece’s economy from both an economic and local employment perspective.”

On a personal note, Kakkos announced plans to step down from his role, a position he has held for over two decades saying: "after 21 years at the helm of Lamda Hellix – now Digital Realty – I’m confident that the future of the company will be bright and will continue to grow and add value to the Greek economy.”

He is to be succeeded by Alexandros Bechrakis, Chief Commercial and Technology Officer at Lamda Hellix.

“I’d like to thank Apostolos for his exceptional leadership, as well as the contributions he has made to Greece through the development of its digital infrastructure. I look forward to continuing his legacy and further building on Greece’s position as a hyperconnected gateway to Southeast Europe,” said Bechrakis.

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