Telecom Egypt and Huawei introduce Africa’s first ‘green tower’

Telecom Egypt and Huawei introduce Africa’s first ‘green tower’

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Telecom Egypt and Huawei have implemented the first eco-friendly, integrated solution to provide mobile networks with wireless availability through a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) solution.

Telecom Egypt is the first operator in Egypt and Africa to install the green tower, which is labelled as the optimum steel alternative.

The tower is around 18 metres high, with a special camouflage fence made of environmentally friendly materials and is supported by integrated wireless access solutions.

According to Adel Hamed, CEO of Telecom Egypt, the implementation of this type of mobile site in Egypt is “unprecedented”.

The green external sites depend on modern technology for wireless access devices, such as the technology of antennas integrated with signal amplifiers, which contribute to reducing the energy consumption of one site by about 40%.

Hamed says this will improve signal quality by 20% compared to regular antennas, resulting in a reduction in the number of stations installed.

Jim Liu, CEO of Huawei Egypt confirmed that the company dedicates great attention to developing the infrastructure of information and communications technology in Egypt.

Liu added that energy solutions for green outdoor sites depend on passive cooling, which eliminates the need for air conditioning and leads to a 47% reduction in energy consumption compared to sites with indoor rooms for devices.

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