Keysight Technologies to coordinate pan-European 6G testbed

Keysight Technologies to coordinate pan-European 6G testbed

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Keysight Technologies has partnered with sixteen organisations to create 6G-SANDBOX, a pan-European testbed for 6G and 5G-Advanced.

As a part of 6G-SANDBOX, Keysight will act as the project coordinator, which is funded by Horizon Europe. 6G-SANDBOX is one of 35 new projects launched by Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking, established by the European Commission in 2021.

“As an open 6G experimentation environment, 6G-SANDBOX will underpin an accelerated pan-European green and digital transformation, in line with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals,” said Michael Dieudonne, project coordinator for 6G-SANDBOX, representing Keysight.

The project aims to develop EU-wide experimentation platforms to test 6G enablers, including zero-touch management, flexible multi-tenancy architecture, network intelligence, security, digital twins, AI, and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces.

"Through our participation in the 6G-SANDBOX project, whose objectives are directly linked to our vision, we aim to demonstrate at the Athens experimentation testbed the 6G technological advances that will be developed in the project and experience their revolutionary impact in the realisation of niche use cases and new markets,” added Dr George Lyberopoulos, head of R&D fixed and mobile at COSMOTE, a subsidiary of ΟΤΕ Group.

The 6G testbed will combine digital and physical nodes to create fully configurable end-to-end networks for validating new technologies and innovations for 6G. It also gives organisations opportunities to conduct trials at one of four platforms located in Spain, Germany, Finland and Greece.

“As a key partner participating in the set-up of the Malaga-located 6G-SANDBOX testbed, Telefonica will lead the development and adoption of open application programming interface specifications in the 6G-SANDBOX platform, enabling third parties to create new innovative use cases,” said David Artuñedo, connectivity innovation at Telefonica.

Project participants include: COSMOTE; Eurescom; FOGUS Innovations & Services P.C.; Fraunhofer FOKUS; INFOLYSIS P.C.; Institute of Software Engineering and Technologies at the University of Malaga; Keysight Technologies Inc.; Lenovo; National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos; Nokia eXtended Reality Lab; OpenNebula; OWO; Queen's University Belfast; Telefonica, and University of Oulu.

“We are excited to contribute to the success of 6G-SANDBOX with the experience of our eXtended Reality Lab team in Spain, focusing on enriching the platform to support XR use cases and demonstrate them during the project execution," said Alvaro Villegas, head of Nokia eXtended Reality Lab.  

"Nokia strongly believes in Horizon Europe as the best collaboration tool across countries and organisations in Europe to produce the research needed for the new era of human communications based on 6G, which should target a more productive, sustainable, and inclusive world based on better communications.”    

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