Simplex LCA1 Cyprus data centre goes live

Simplex LCA1 Cyprus data centre goes live


Cyprus-based data centre provider, Simplex confirms that launch of its LCA1 data centre.

The opening ceremony was attended by Kyriakos Kokkinos, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy in Larnaca, Cyprus in December 2022. More than 100 attendees including government officials, businessmen, IT managers and other industry professionals, were in attendance.

“I truly believe that Cyprus can be a prime location for data centres so it gives me great pleasure to be here today for the official inauguration of this ground-breaking facility, that significantly enriches Cyprus’ digital infrastructure portfolio and further advances the country’s international competitiveness and posture as a regional tech and telecommunications hub," said Deputy Minister Kokkinos.

"The continued expansion of Simplex is vital to realizing our country’s growth potential and magnifying the impact of digital innovation across industry, the economy and society. The LCA1 in Larnaca features a state-of-the-art infrastructure with remarkable reliability, security and flexibility and it is no wonder it has received so many international honours, making our country proud.

LCA1 is now the largest data centre in Cyprus delivering high levels of reliability, security and flexibility. Simplex is now the only neutral operator with two privately owned data centres at diverse locations.

In addition, LCA1 has adopted many green technologies including green power from renewable sources, mainly solar. During the event, the company’s director Michael Omerou has announced the certification of the company’s Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 as well as the upcoming certification to EMAS, EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.

“I am really proud and excited to be standing in front of such a mass gathering that inevitably demonstrates the importance of data centres in general and LCA1 in particular. Neutral, multi-tenant data centres like LCA1 consist important, critical infrastructure for any country that among others create a huge economic potential," said Omerou.

"Strategically located, literally at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, LCA1 is a truly enterprise, world-class data centre, that will serve not only domestic clients, but also, regional and even international ones."