Hotel adds private 5G for the guest who needs more

Hotel adds private 5G for the guest who needs more

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Private wireless networks have joined the list of ‘must have’ facilities for guests at a Seattle hotel.

The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown (pictured) on Fourth Avenue is now providing guests with private wireless network technology, equipped by Comcast.

Barry Baxter, general manager of the hotel, said: “Now, by upgrading our technology backbone to a next-generation 5G private wireless network, we can provide our guests a great, modern experience that matches the essence of Seattle.”

The hotel said it recognised the need to upgrade its network to private 5G “to better meet the needs of its guests and align with its mission to serve, inspire, and deliver its spirit of hospitality greatness”.

Filip Liharik, Comcast’s VP of wireless strategy and product planning, said: “Comcast continues to evolve its wireless platform and to target new wireless business opportunities by leveraging its more than 34 million customer relationships, deep fibre network, licensed wireless spectrum and over 20 million Wifi hotspots.”

Ballast Networks, a managed service provider based in Seattle, built the network for the hotel. It supports cellular voice and data connectivity throughout the building.

In addition, the private network also enables the hotel to deploy new services, including wireless sensors that allow the hotel to monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors, a single network for staff communications, and “efficient deployment of new video surveillance solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning”.

Comcast and Ballast Networks are using both general authorized access unlicensed spectrum and priority access licence spectrum to create a private network enabled with a multi-operator core network gateway.

This technology enables the private network to serve as a neutral host network capable of extending wireless coverage for all mobile service providers through a single system.

Brian Epstein, head of strategic wireless solutions at Comcast Business, described it as “a solid technology infrastructure and strong network” which “are critical to supporting the features and functions that enable a better experience throughout a guest’s hotel stay, from booking to the memories they carry with them from their trip after checking out”.

Baxter enthused: “The Sound Hotel blends Seattle’s creative bedrock with its innovation boom. We strive to provide our guests with a truly unforgettable experience – and connectivity is central to that.”

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