Ireland 5G rollout given boost in latest auction

Ireland 5G rollout given boost in latest auction

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Irish mobile operators will pay more than €140 million each for spectrum bands to boost the roll out of 5G across Ireland.

Vodafone, Three and Eir Ireland spent a combined €448 million in bands ranging from 700MHz to 2.6GHz.

“These bands are suitable for providing 5G and widespread mobile coverage, along with increasing the capacity of mobile and fixed networks,” ComReg, the state agency responsible for regulating communications in Ireland.

The award for spectrum rights will last for 19 years and will increase the spectrum available for fixed and mobile services in Ireland by 46%.

Ireland is one of the last countries in the EU to fully allocate 5G spectrum

Earlier this year Three alleged that the format of the auction damages its interests and succeeded in getting a stay on the auction pending a formal case.

ComReg was allowed to run the auction, however, and accept pricing but could not proceed further than that.

The Irish government said all populated areas of the state should be covered by 5G connectivity by 2030.

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