Zayo announces 18 upgrades to 400Gbps and new link to Japan

Zayo announces 18 upgrades to 400Gbps and new link to Japan

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Zayo has announced a series of expansions to its fiber network infrastructure, including 18 new 400Gbps upgrades and a newly completed cross-Pacific subsea route.

This series of expansions marks the latest in the company’s $250 million investment into its global infrastructure this year.

Bill Long (pictured), who joined Zayo as chief product officer in September, said: “The continued expansion of our dark fiber and wave routes provides our customers with the customization and scaling ability they need to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

The new routes are Cleveland to Columbus and St Louis to Indianapolis. The first “provides new diversity from existing routes, giving Zayo customers an alternative routing option into Columbus”, said the company.

The second provides the lowest latency and most direct path compared with other providers in the market, said the company, “and gives Zayo customers an alternative route option to avoid Chicago when connecting east to west markets. The St Louis to Indianapolis route is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

Long said: “Zayo is one of the only national providers actively pursuing new fibre builds, which have been enabled through our extensive existing infrastructure footprint, expertise within our teams, and the agile business structure Zayo has worked to build over the last 15 years.”

At the same time Zayo plans to upgrade Las Vegas to Phoenix to 400Gbps. The company said: “This low latency route will provide Zayo customers with ample fiber capacity, which is scarce along this route. In 2023, Zayo is set to enable this route with 400G capabilities using the overbuilt fibre.”

Other upgrades to 400Gbps are: Atlanta to Orlando; Chicago to Columbus (direct); Cleveland to Ashburn; Columbus to Ashburn (direct); Dallas to Houston; Dallas to San Antonio; Denver to Dallas; Fort Wayne to Chicago (via Indianapolis); Houston to San Antonio; Los Angeles to Dallas; Orlando to Miami; Portland to Bay Area; Portland to Boardman; Seattle to Minneapolis (via Canada); Salt Lake City to Denver; Tampa to Orlando; and Tucson to Nogales.

Zayo’s newest completed transpacific subsea route connecting Hillsboro, Oregon, to Tokyo using the TGN-P cable marks the third transpacific route for the company.

Zayo said the route provides a diverse option to PC-1 for a transpacific cable landing in the US Pacific Northwest and also includes a diverse landing station in Tokyo. The route is available with pre-provisioned and pre-tested 10Gbps waves circuits and is managed by Zayo’s network operation centre (NOC).

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