Hyperco to develop ‘sustainable’ data centres in Helsinki area

Hyperco to develop ‘sustainable’ data centres in Helsinki area

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Helsinki-based data centre operator Hyperco is to develop two new campuses, each with an initial capacity of 50MW.

Both will be in the Helsinki region, designed to provide built-to-suit capacity that enables flexible funding and development models for its partners.

“These two Nordic sites provide us with the opportunity to develop highly tailored, sustainably delivered solutions for Hyperco clients in need of capacity on this scale,” said chief commercial officer Joachim Kauppi.

Both are planned to reuse waste heat to supply local district heating networks, said the company. Heat is provided to the region’s energy customers in collaboration with local energy companies, while also helping municipalities to reduce CO2 emissions.

“Strong collaboration with municipalities, utility companies and private landowners has allowed us to secure the most attractive plots in the region, while our local supply chain expertise will enable fast deployment for our customers,” said Kauppi.

Hyperco, backed by Nordic institutional investors Varma and NREP, said the sites can be modularly scaled to up to four times the initial capacity, and will take advantage of the region’s abundance of renewable electricity, as well as a direct connection to Finland’s national grid, enabling the lowest possible transmission costs.

Both sites are in the Helsinki metropolitan area, “within good reach of logistical pathways”, said Hyperco.

Hyperco, founded in 2020, said it aims to develop data centres that stand the test of time. “The company has firmly demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, with a view to ensuring that critical data infrastructure is developed with the long-term perspective in mind.”

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