Women to Watch 2023

Women to Watch 2023

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Capacity welcomes back its annual 20 Women to Watch power list!

Launched back in 2018, the 20 Women to Watch listing celebrates 20 women from across the wholesale telecoms and tech sector who have achieved massive results or reached major milestones in their respective fields, as well as breaking down barriers across the industry.

Specifically, this index will evaluate nominees' qualities, standing, and their achievements over the past 12 months - detailing why they are one to watch for the future! 

Please note the submission rules:

1. Entries are selected by the Capacity Editorial team based on the merit of each submission, not on the number of nominations, therefore please only submit one entry per person.

2. Please do not copy and paste entries. The team sees all submissions and will know if the same form has been submitted by multiple people and it will affect your chances of being selected.

3. Try not to be repetitive, if it will not add to your submission in any way please don't include.

4. Substantiate your claims. Telling us how amazing your nominee is, is great, giving us specific and noteworthy real-life examples is even better!

5. Entries sent after the close of the deadline, or those submitted by email, will not be accepted.

Hit the submit button below to enter a female executive you know for consideration:

In 2018, honourees included: Telstra's Gagun Gahir, Katia González Gutierrez of BICS and Anne Morel at Orange International Carriers.

The following year, 2019 saw CentruyLink's Lisa Miller, Belle Lajoie of Cloudscene, CMC Networks' Marisa Tristolino and Facebook's Tansy McCluskie, make the list. 

The 2020 listicle spotlighted BSO Networks' Anna Flach, Jennifer Holmes of London Internet Exchange (LINX), CMC Networks' Marisa Tristolino and Naaz Bax of Seaborn, Kathy Quashie at Vodafone, and Facebook's Tansy McCluskie. 

2021 saw Aligned's Mercy Manning, Colt's Keri Gilder, Yasmin Khaliq of Equinix, Nikki Popoola of WIOCC and Lorraine Gray of Pioneer Consulting, named on the list. 

And just last year (2022), Ciena's Virginie Hollebecque, Intelsat's Hadeel Fayad, Orange's Christel Heydemann and WIOCC's Kate Waiganjo, all made the index.

The listing will appear in the February/April issue of Capacity magazine, which features special reports on Data Centres, Cloud and Subsea.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 27 January 2023, 5pm GMT.

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