Norway’s Ice signs equipment contract with Griptel

Norway’s Ice signs equipment contract with Griptel


Norwegian operator Ice has signed an agreement with Griptel, a provider of mounting solutions for critical equipment such as 4G and 5G antennas for cellular networks.

Griptel is one of Norway’s leading providers of this equipment and will supply Ice for the next five years as the operator continues its 5G buildout in Norway.

Ice is upgrading its current 3,200 base stations and has plans to build 3,900 more.

“High-quality and network reliability has been our top priority from day one. Vi deliberately chose 2Nokia, a European supplier for network and infrastructure,” said Eivind Helgaker, CEO of Ice.

We have now chosen Griptel, a Norwegian supplier, who have designed custom-made mounting solutions of premier quality. Our goal is to build the best and most reliable 5G network in Norway.

Depending on how much equipment is needed to carry out the project, Griptel estimates the contract to be worth around NOK 200 million (US$19m).

Pål Bjørdal CEO of Griptel added: “We are proud to have won this contract with Ice. Ice’s 5G development plans are ambitious, and we will provide the best mounting solutions available in today’s market.

“Griptel look forward to supporting Ice’s plan to deliver 5G services to their Norwegian customers.”

Griptel says it is now looking to expand beyond Norway, believing that more challenging climate conditions will stress the need for robust and safe mounting solutions in telecoms.

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