OADC flagship Nigerian data centre now operational

OADC flagship Nigerian data centre now operational

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Open Access Data Centres (OADC) has revealed that its flagship data centre in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria is now operational.

The company says that as its data centre rollout continues, three new core facilities will be added in South Africa, and it will expand its OADC Durban facility.

The first phase of OADC’s flagship facility is built on the largest single data centre campus in West Africa with an expansion capacity of up to 20MW of site load across 7,200m of white space.

High-capacity international connectivity will be available directly from the facility as soon as the Equiano subsea cable goes live at the end of this year and the data centre is interconnected to all cable landing stations.

OADC CEO Dr Ayotunde Coker said: “OADC Lagos is our flagship data centre, offering tailored hosting/colocation solutions and high-availability interconnection to existing internet exchange points in Lagos.

“It also hosts the landing of Google’s 144 Terabit per second Equiano cable, delivering an open-access gateway to hyperscale international connectivity, and as such playing a crucial role in meeting Nigeria's future international connectivity needs.

“OADC Lagos is integral to our unique, core-to-edge, open-access DC ecosystem. Key clients from the cloud and telco community have committed their expansion to OADC Lagos, while we also continue to progress our plans for nationwide deployment of core and edge DCs during 2023.”

OADC has also deployed a new core data centre to serve the cloud ecosystem in Isando, Johannesburg.

It is configured with an initial 1,600 square metres of IT white space and up to 7MW of site load, OADC JNB1 has significant expansion capacity enabling growth in line with client demand to 3,000 square metres.

Two new OADC DCs in Cape Town will be operational shortly, one coming online in Rondebosch in December, the second at Brackenfell in January 2023.

Both facilities have been configured with an initial 1,000+ square metres of IT white space, can be scaled up to 800+ racks as demand grows and have site loads of up to 5MW and 3MW respectively.

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