Nautilus adds Marseille and Los Angeles to data centre portfolio

Nautilus adds Marseille and Los Angeles to data centre portfolio


Nautilus Data Technologies has secured leases for two new data centre locations the first in Marseille, France and the second in Los Angeles, California.

“Nautilus will be an integral part of our mission to demonstrate and commercialize marine-related technology in the most sustainable way possible,” said Terry Tamminen, president and CEO of AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles.

“We’re happy to have a data centre that is at the forefront of “blue economy” innovation in our area.”

Both sites will house a 7.5MW data centre facility, with power agreements and water assessments already acquired. Using Nautilus cooling technology, there is no consumption of water and it operates using 30% less power.

In addition, using the Nautilus design approach, a facility can be operational in 12 months or less.

“As France’s second largest data centre market, we didn’t want to bring just any data centre to our location," said Hervé Martel, chief executive officer of the Marseille Port Authority.

"We wanted to bring a data centre that truly considers its effect on the community. A data centre that doesn’t waste our resources and runs with less power. We’re very proud to have Nautilus as a partner.”

The Marseille site location is less than three kilometres from the nearest cable landing station and close to other major access points. It is also considered a trans-Atlantic gateway and aggregation point, linking Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia via subsea cables such as AAE-1 and SEA-ME-WE-5, to name a few.

While the Los Angeles site provides customers direct access to the One Wilshire Campus, a termination point for multiple subsea trans-Pacific fibre cables.

“The addition of these two new locations to our portfolio reinforces our commitment to setting new, and higher, standards for performance, efficiency, sustainability, and global scalability,” said Rob Pfleging, CEO of Nautilus.

“We’re all about speed to market while reducing environmental impact. Whether you choose one of the four sites in our portfolio or bring us your site, we know we can outperform. In each of our facilities, customers can utilize bespoke solutions within the design and have the option to choose hot aisle containment, rear-door cooling, immersion, or direct-to-chip liquid cooling within the data hall.”

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