Telstra expands private cloud to Melbourne

Telstra expands private cloud to Melbourne

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Telstra has expanded its Telstra Private Cloud to Melbourne, following the successful launch of the service in Sydney in March.

The service will be available to customers from November 30 and will allow customers to purchase a virtual data centre in either or both availability zones, typically accessible within a few hours of ordering.

Telstra Private Cloud offers virtual data centre built on dedicated infrastructure which is owned and hosted in Australia.

The company selected Dell Technologies to deliver the platform, using its APEX Data Centre Utility solution and VMware to provide the virtualisation layer.

“As Australian organisations continue their adoption of cloud technology, we see increasing sophistication in their cloud needs,” said Angela Logothetis, group owner for edge and cloud at Telstra.

“Our customers are asking Telstra for public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and Edge solutions.

"While virtualised workloads drove the initial demand for Private Cloud, increasingly we see organisations looking to Private Cloud and Edge for cloud sovereignty and data cloud capabilities.”

The solution is part of Telstra’s Hybrid Cloud ecosystem, where customers can buy, manage and deploy public and private cloud environments through one provider.

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