Springboard recruits call rating information from XConnect

Springboard recruits call rating information from XConnect

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Business information company has signed up with XConnect to validate voice traffic and prevent surcharges for local and global service providers.

Springboard – whose customers and partners include Cataleya, KT’s Epsilon and C3entro Telecom – said it will be able to highlight number discrepancies in real time and support customers in resolving issues rapidly to ensure stable margins.

Tim Ward (pictured), VP of number information services at XConnect, said: “Across Europe, OBR implementations are being deployed and are creating volatile and uncertain billing situations for service providers. In a competitive market with tight margins, this can have serious consequences and taking steps to validate calls is becoming necessary.”

Andrew Whitelaw, founder and CEO at Springboard, said: “By adopting XConnect’s GNR [global number range] service, we’re not only increasing our portfolio for new customers, but also enhancing what we offer our existing and loyal users. We are continually evolving our platform to meet our customer's needs and our partnership with XConnect is the next step in doing that.”

This will allow the company to protect customers against origin based rating (OBR) surcharges. It will have “precise and reliable” intelligence about origin and destination numbers – A and B numbers, in industry jargon – that will give Springboard’s customers “the power to manage their surcharges, access more transparent billing and the agility, visibility, and intelligence to maintain and grow margins”.

Ward said: “What we’re delivering for Springboard is simplicity and flexibility and directly enabling their customers to benefit from secure and trusted OBR validation and we’re excited to continue to work closely with the team moving forward.”

Whitelaw added: “Service providers need flexible and robust billing and analysis tools in order to make decisions that best secure their revenue streams and reduce shock costs. Better visibility is a key part of that, and that’s exactly what Springboard is providing with XConnect’s solution.”

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