Grid Telecom and Lamda Hellix align on Crete investments

Grid Telecom and Lamda Hellix align on Crete investments


IPTO subsidiary, Grid Telecom and Lamda Hellix: a Digital Realty company, are expanding their partnership by aligning their investments in Crete.

Specifically, Lamda Hellix has announced plans for its first carrier-neutral data centre HER1 in Heraklion, Crete to host many of the subsea cable systems due to land in the country and enable interconnection between each of them as well as to other telecoms systems.

The acquired site for the data centre will support the development of up to 6.5MW of installed IT load, in the Industrial Zone of Heraklion, with the first phase due for completion in 2025.

"Today, we see our dream come true. Our Heraklion data centre will act as a catalyst that accelerates developments in the region," said Apostolos Kakkos, chairman and CEO of Lamda Hellix.

"In this journey, our cooperation with Grid Telecom is of key importance as their investments add value to the ones of the large intercontinental subsea systems landing in Greece, and to our own investments in Crete and Athens.”

Grid Telecom has bolstered the Balkans – Mediterranean area by adding of hundreds of terabytes of capacity, through its MINOAS East-West and APOLLO East-West subsea cable systems.

The company has announced plans to build a cable landing station on the southern coast of Crete, that will anchor new subsea cable systems across the Eastern Mediterranean. As part of this project, Grid Telecom will provide backhaul routes to all existing and new data centres on the island of Crete, the Greek mainland, and in neighbouring countries.

Using its network infrastructure in Italy, the Balkans and Central Europe, Grid Telecom has also developed a DWDM optical network, providing capacity and colocation services within protected areas in IPTO’s substation sites across Greece.

"The partnership of Grid Telecom with prospective subsea cable operators will provide open-access backhaul networks with leading edge data connectivity and international reach to the Balkans, Italy, and other destinations in Europe and beyond," added George Psyrris, director of Grid Telecom.

"Neutral data centres and open-access cable landing stations create synergies and add value, which is why we highly value our strategic cooperation with Lamda Hellix and have extended it to also cover the emerging market of Crete”.

In addition, both companies have signed an memorandum of understanding (MoU) that extends their cooperation at Lamda Hellix’s Athens Campus to the Heraklion facility, where Grid Telecom will deploy a point of presence (PoP).

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