Orchest and DCConnect partner up on automation

Orchest and DCConnect partner up on automation

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Orchest Technologies (formerly GoldConnect) and DCConnect Global have entered into an automation partnership in which both companies will expand their footprint using each other’s capabilities.

Specifically, DCConnect is now able to expand its automated capabilities into Latin America with access to more than 55 million on-net last mile accesses and on-demand connectivity into more than 55 data centres. Orchest will now be able to connect its Latin American customers to Europe and Asia through DCConnect LatamConnect Platform.

“Alongside with DCConnect, we are working on very important automation initiatives that will shape the future of our industry in terms of next generation business practices around connectivity exchange involving multiple regions” said Jeremy Villalobos, COO at Orchest Technologies.

Both companies became MEF members in 2022 and implemented the LSO Sonata API Dolly version as part of their partnership. With MEF Sonata API both companies can easily interact with any other company that adheres to MEF API standards for buying and selling connectivity services.

"With the new concept of decentralised telecom DAO network, we now rest assured both companies are developing the network connectivity that smoother, faster, secure and more reliably extends borderless worldwide," said Henry Lam, CEO of DCConnect Global.

In addition, both Orchest Technologies and DCConnect are node operators of the ITN Blockchain initiative led by MEF. As part of their collaboration, both companies will implement the Televerse, a proposed decentralised telecom Decentralised Autonomous Organisation network, built for Web3 users, that allows enterprises to interact and transact with a network infrastructure built on distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.

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