BT, Globality team to optimise investment

BT, Globality team to optimise investment


BT’s procurement arm, BT Sourced has placed over £2.5 million of third-party spend on Globality’s intelligent sourcing platform.

The operator says this will help it achieve double-digit cost savings, increased speed to market and enhanced collaboration with business stakeholders.

In 2021, BT formed ‘BT Sourced’ as a standalone procurement company to redefine its procurement from top to bottom. The goal of that was to build a simpler, more digital and sustainable procurement model using “cutting-edge” technology.

Cyril Pourrat, BT’s Chief Procurement Officer and CEO of BT Sourced, said: “To achieve double-digit savings through the Globality platform is fantastic.

“The increased visibility and analytics are also very powerful and enable us to make better decisions on how BT spends its money.

“We have deep granularity in terms of information and the ability to analyse the data for scope and deviations, assuring that those who are managing a given category are extremely knowledgeable about it.

“This isn’t just about controlling spending. It is also about how much more we can do within our team, supporting BT’s agility through faster access to services.”

With annual third-party spending of around £14 billion globally, BT says it is looking for substantial savings by 2025 from its acceleration to digitisation.

With more than £2.5 billion of projects on Globality’s agile sourcing platform, BT Sourced is transforming how BT manages its external spend across areas ranging from IT services to marketing to real estate and consulting projects.

Globality’s platform delivers to BT deep insights and category knowledge and scopes projects more quickly and efficiently, freeing up time for BT Sourced staff to spend on more strategic initiatives such as ESG.

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