GBI rolls out Infinera’s ICE6 800G optical engine in support of World Cup

GBI rolls out Infinera’s ICE6 800G optical engine in support of World Cup


Infinera confirms that Gulf Bridge International (GBI) has deployed it’s ICE6 800G optical engine across its subsea and terrestrial networks to increase capacity in preparation for the World Cup.

The upgrade to ICE6 doubles GBI’s network capacity and provides connections of up to 800G per wavelength. GBI was able to integrate this new technology over its existing third-party optical line system by using open optical networking principles.

The integration will enable GBI to provide high-speed streaming of the World Cup as well as 400 GbE services to its customers.

“Upgrading our networks with Infinera’s ICE6 solution was easy and seamless, allowing us to leverage our existing optical transport architecture while upgrading our network to meet today’s demand,” said Gavin Rea, chief technical officer at GBI.

“With the World Cup quickly approaching, it was critical for us to ensure our network had the terabits of capacity needed to give our customers reliable, high-speed service to deliver the best viewing experience. That’s exactly what we’ll be offering our customers across Europe and the Middle East this week thanks to Infinera.”

Infinera’s ICE6-powered GX Series solution gives GBI the ultra-high capacity needed to meet increasing bandwidth demands and deliver a high-quality, uninterrupted game-day experience.

With Infinera’s optical engine, GBI can minimise the cost per bit of its subsea and terrestrial networks while also maximising spectral efficiency and fibre capacity, through unique features that include Nyquist subcarriers, forward error correction gain sharing and photonic integrated circuit-based technology.

“Modernising GBI’s submarine and terrestrial Smart Network with Infinera’s ICE6 solution is a significant step forward in ensuring GBI remains a leading service provider, offering differentiated services such as 400 GbE to its customers,” said Nick Walden, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Infinera.

“GBI operates key routes throughout the Middle East and European markets, and we are pleased to equip them with the highest capacity and most innovative services available.”

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